Student Programs

The DRCLAS Regional Office organizes and supports a wide array of year-round programs in the region for Harvard undergraduate and graduate students, in collaboration with Harvard faculty across the University and local academic institutions. Since its founding, the DRCLAS Regional Office has hosted more than 1,200 students for academic term studies, internships, clinical research, and public service programs. The DRCLAS Regional Office also assists Harvard students, alumni and other affiliates in creating connections with local stakeholders to pursue professional and academic interests in the region. 

For more information about programs for Harvard students, please click below:
• Programs for Undergraduate students
• Programs for Harvard Graduate students
• Resources: Study and Research at Harvard

In addition, the DRCLAS Regional Office promotes the study at Harvard by students and professionals from the region. 

For more information about programs for non-Harvard students, please click below:
• Study at Harvard
• Visiting Scholars Program