Science, Technology and Engineering

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The DRCLAS Regional Office is envisioned to act as an intellectual lab convening point in Latin America. Science, Technology and Engineering have become important fields for academic and economic activity worldwide. Similarly, environmental concerns are now crucial to regional stability and future development. Given these realities, the Regional Office is dedicated to spearheading investigation and innovation in the Region by collaborating with local institutions in outreach activities like the Antarctica Project.

Presently, the Office continues its collaborations in astronomy, astrophysics, biophysics and astro-engineering projects in Chile, such as the Biophysical Mechanism in Atacama Desert Plants research; the Giant Magellan Telescope, and the Astronomical Data Collection Exchange Program.

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Affiliated Faculty-led Projects
DRCLAS also supports Harvard faculty research, teaching, and professional activities relating to Latin America through its faculty grants program. Click here to learn more about current and past affiliated faculty-led projects in the Southern Cone and Andean countries served by the DRCLAS Regional Office.