Lights on the South, 15 Years of Harvard in Chile

Lights on the south 1

For more than 15 years, Harvard faculty members have traveled to Chile to learn and explore.

Supported by the DRCLAS Regional Office in Santiago, scientists and researchers have found inspiration in a country with various unique features: while the skies over the Atacama desert are among the clearest in the world, the Chilean base "Arturo Prat" is one of the oldest in Antarctica. Resting in the "ring of fire" of the Pacific, the country marked once the southern tip of the Inca Empire, and its inhabitants have endured some of the most devastating earthquakes in history.

Journalist Paula Molina, Harvard Nieman Fellow ‘13, decided to find and tell the stories of the lessons and findings made in her country and reveal how curiosity, empathy, and love for knowledge can guide us to unexpected places.

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