Harvard Chile Innovation Initiative (not offered currently)


On November 1, 2013, 21 faculty proposals were submitted to the Harvard-Chile Innovation Initiative. This Initiative provides start-up funds of $25,000 per project for collaborations between Harvard and Chilean colleagues for joint research and programs. This Initiative is sponsored by Chile’s National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) and the Ministry of the Economy.

In mid-December, the HCII Selection Committee chose the following 12 projects to be part of 2013-2014 Harvard-Chile Innovation Initiative:

1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition as a Driver of Economic Development in Cobquecura, Chile
This project will develop and study results of a competitive entrepreneurial and innovation start-up program, with the aim to revitalize the local economy of Cobquecura. This project is part of the central activity of the Harvard course: Community Recovery: Rebuilding Disaster Damaged Communities in Chile
Harvard Faculty: Professor Doug Ahlers, Harvard Kennedy School 
Regional Collaborators: Ivan Cartes, Universidad del Bio Bio; Marcela Renteria, DRCLAS Regional Office

2. Conceptual Stumblings 
This project aims to consolidate a new body of knowledge through research, seminars and workshops, analyzing relationships between aesthetics and politics that developed a new body of conceptual art throughout the last 40 year period.
Harvard Faculty: Professors Sergio Delgado and Thomas Cummins, Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Liz Munsell, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Regional Collaborators: Universidad Católica; Museo de Solidaridad Salvador Allende

3. Developing Educational Video Games for Blind Children: A Merger of Assistive Technology and Study of Brain Function
This project will develop novel education and rehabilitation strategies for the blind, bringing together neuroscientists and software developers to create gaming software for the blind.
Harvard Faculty: Professors Lotfi Merabet and Lindsay Yazzolino, Harvard Medical School; Ribah Dow, Carrol Center for the Blind; Darick Wright, Perkins School for the Blind
Regional Collaborators: Jaime Sanchez and Matias Espinoza, Universidad de Chile; Francisco Aylwin, Fundación Telefónica, Santa Lucia School for the Blind

4. Cellular Solids: Thermodynamics of Wood Urbanism
This project aims to develop one of the first dynamic studies of wood for contemporary mid-rise buildings, including the composite structural, thermal, ecological, geographical behaviors of wood as a modern construction material.
Harvard Faculty: Professor Kiel Moe, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Regional Collaborators: Juan Jose Ugarte, Andres Sierra, Tomas Folch and Daniel Ibanez, Universidad Católica CIDM, Faculty of Architecture

5. Innovative School Partnership: Educación Basada en Realidad
This project will embed health and wellness, environmental and conservation learning, and family and community growth into the school environment to prepare children for a productive future as part of disaster recovery.
Harvard Faculty: Professors Judith Palfrey and Elizabeth Peacock-Chambers, Harvard Medical School
Regional Collaborators: Dr. Mario Valdivia, Universidad de Concepcion

6. Chile 2014: Chile-Harvard Innovative Learning Exchange
This project aims to achieve research collaboration providing hands-on experience for faculty and graduate students working on a cutting-edge astronomical instrument, the Dark Energy Camera, and contributing to the international Dark Energy Survey probing the origin of the universe.
Harvard Faculty: Professors Hanspeter Pfister, Charles Alcock and Pavlos Protopapas, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Regional Collaborators: Eduardo Vera, Pablo Estevez and Mario Hamuy, Universidad de Chile; Chris Smith, AURA; Karim Pichara, Universidad Católica

7. Language for Learning: Designing and Pilot Testing a Promising Instrument to Capture Spanish-Speaking Adolescents' Academic Language Skills in Chile
This project will conduct research using a theoretically grounded psychometrically robust instrument to track, for the first time, the development of school relevant language skills for Spanish speaking children.
Harvard Faculty: Professor Paola Uccelli, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Regional Collaborators: Alejandra Meneses, Universidad Católica

8. Critical Design and Research for Informal Learning
Through the use of design, the project will develop a new research initiative to explore alternative forms of informal learning, using new design technologies. 
Harvard Faculty: Professor Krzysztof Wodiczko, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Regional Collaborators: Sergio Araya, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez 

9. CRISPR-Based Technologies for Synthetic Biology in Plants
This project will design and construct artificial biological systems combining engineering and systems biology, bridging the gap between these new technologies and current knowledge.
Harvard Faculty: Professor Jen Sheen, Harvard Medical School
Regional Collaborators: Rodrigo Gutierrez, Universidad Católica

10. Global Education Innovation Initiative 
This project will analyze the cutting edge practices around the world in order to apply innovations in the classroom and in educational institutions.
Harvard Faculty: Professor Fernando Reimers, Harvard Graduate School of Education

11. Ecological Urbanism Case Studies in a Chilean Context
This project will aim to introduce the concept of design as a synthetic key to connect ecology with an urbanism that is not in conflict with the environment.
Harvard Faculty: Lecturer Gareth Doherty, Harvard Graduate School of Design

12. Development of Instructional Materials for University-Based Principal Training Programs in Chile
As the second phase of the development of a book of cases created by school directors, this project will work to train faculty at university education schools in the use of case-based instruction.
Harvard Faculty: Senior Lecturer Katherine Merseth, Harvard Graduate School of Education