Granjeros del Mar/Sea Farmers

Sea Farmers: The new initiative of the Recupera Chile Project to Recover the Seashore 
A four-day workshop took place in August 2014 in Laraquete and Coliumo bays (in the Bío Bío Region) to help artisanal fishermen and women learn about small-scale aquaculture production and commercialization. In collaboration with Universidad de Concepcion’s (UdeC) Research and Development Group in Mussel Production (ProMytilus), the workshop was an initiative of the Regional Office’s Recupera Chile Project.

Besides providing training in the technical aspects of mussel cultivation, the workshop helped participants understand the importance of developing strong business plans to make their aquaculture enterprises profitable and sustainable. As a result and with the help of Recupera Chile, the participants, mostly women, decided to form the group “Granjeros del Mar” (Sea Farmers).

Encourage and facilitate the development of small-scale aquaculture projects in the coastal communities of the Bío Bío Region in Southern Chile. Support groups of artisanal fishermen and women and entrepreneurs in creating economic development plans, launching a common management platform to apply for funding, and commercializing their products. 

For photographs of the Granjeros del Mar Initiative, click here.