Harvard en Chile: Graduate Programs Informational Session and Fair


Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 6:30pm to 9:30pm


Ritz-Carlton Hotel Santiago- Calle El Alcade 15, Las Condes, Santiago

We are pleased to announce the first Harvard University joint recruitment event in Santiago, Chile on April 29th at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The event will provide an opportunity for a select group of highly talented prospective applicants to learn more about graduate programs at Harvard.  It will be a chance to examine how professional aspirations can be matched with more than 70 programs of advanced study in the seven schools represented.  

For photos of the event, visit our Facebook page.

The schools representatives are:

  • John Aslanian, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Assistant Director for Student Life and Recruitment
  • Jacqueline Cruz, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Lauren Gold, Harvard Law School, Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Maritza Hernandez, Harvard Divinity School, Associate Dean for Enrollment and Student Services
  • Stan Hudson, Harvard School of Public Health, Associate Dean for Student Services
  • Alexandra Martinez, Harvard Kennedy School, Assistant Dean for Student Diversity and Inclusion
  • Sheila Thomas, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Assistant Dean of Diversity and Minority Affairs 

To register for the event, please click here.