Education & Inclusion

Aligned with Harvard University’s Global Vision in the 21st Century of educating the citizens of the world, the DRCLAS Regional Office is committed to educational efforts. The Center’s vast resources and expertise in the field have been deployed in successful projects like Un Buen ComienzoConfronting Challenges: Case Studies in Education, and Social Integration through the Arts; and collaborations with others such as the Laboratorio de Innovaciones Educativas RED LAB SUR.

In recent years, the Chilean government, as other governments in the Region, has proposed significant reforms in education. Given this pivotal moment, the Regional Office seeks to serve as an active contributor in the process of its effective implementations. The Office’s goal is to develop, along with the strategic partners, major academic discussion and impact on topics that are essential for the future of education in Chile and the Region.  

A new major initiative is ecosiSTEAM; a program created by the Regional Office and led by HGSE professor Richard Elmore, with support of the U.S. Embassy. The main strategy is to build a network of leading actors in education, science, culture and innovation to expand this knowledge and incorporate Harvard’s expertise into daily experiences.

Intertwined to these efforts, is the Office’s adherence to Harvard’s endeavors of addressing issues of diversity and inclusivity by fostering research and participation of historically underrepresented groups. The RO has been working over the past five years in topics of Women and Gender Inequality in Chile, organizing conferences that bring together important stakeholders in these topics and well as policy makers and politicians. Similarly, the Office is working on issues of immigration in Chile through community dialogues and other projects.  

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Affiliated Faculty-led Projects
DRCLAS also supports Harvard faculty research, teaching, and professional activities relating to Latin America through its faculty grants program. Click here to learn more about current and past affiliated faculty-led projects in the Southern Cone and Andean countries served by the DRCLAS Regional Office.