2018 Oct 21

Worldwide Week at Harvard

Sun Oct 21 (All day) to Fri Oct 26 (All day)


Cambridge, MA

Marcela Rentería, Executive Director of the DRCLAS RO, participated at the Worldwide Summit of Office Directors, organized by Vice Provost for International Affairs Mark Elliot, presenting “An Overview of the Regional Office” and “Supporting Faculty Research.” Other speakers at the event included Mauricio Benitez, Program Director DRCLAS Mexico Office, and Helena Monteiro, Executive Director DRCLAS Brazil.

2019 Jan 22

Two-day workshop for SOFOFA

(All day)


Santiago, Chile

Two day workshop for SOFOFA, the main business institution gathering 4000 enterprises and representing 23% of Chile’s GDP. SOFOFA is creating a Hub for innovation and a Biotech Translation Center to impact the economic development of Chile.

Faculty: Isaac Kohlberg, Senior Associate Provost, Chief Technology Development...

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2019 Jan 15

Congreso Futuro 2019

(All day)


Santiago, Chile

“Modeling our lives, the search for simplicity in complexity.”

Future Congress and Scientific International public symposium organized by the Chilean Senate Commission for Future Challenges, Science, Technology, and Innovation with Faculty

Faculty: Brian Farrell, Monique and Philip Lehner Professor for the Study of Latin America and director of DRCLAS

2019 Jun 04

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

(All day)



In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and MIT.

Faculty: Leo Anthony Celi, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Part-Time at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Professor at MIT.

2019 Apr 17

Recupera Chile and Oaxaca, Mexico: University Interventions [Cambridge]

(All day)



“Recupera Chile and Oaxaca, Mexico: University interventions”

Moving beyond disaster recovery to think about disaster as an opportunity to create new institutional relationships and greater political autonomy at the local level: Recupera Chile, earthquake and tsunami and Oaxaca, Mexico earthquake

Recupera Chile Research Post-disaster community empowerment: A case study of long-term recovery programs in three coastal towns of Chile...

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2019 Mar 12

Large Landscape Conservation Discussions in Chile

(All day)


A panel of leaders of large landscape conservation initiatives from North America and Chile will speak about the history and challenges facing their initiatives, as well as large landscape conservation more broadly: Ruta de Los Parques in Chile and efforts to conserve a corridor of conservation properties in Chile’s Mediterranean zone (roughly, from Zapallar to Robles de Cantillana)

Faculty: Jim Levitt, Harvard Forest – David Foster

2019 Jan 12

Recupera Chile

Sat Jan 12 (All day) to Tue Jan 15 (All day)


Dichato, Chile

Judith Palfrey will travel to Dichato, Chile to develop modules and methodologies that support local teachers in teaching the fundamentals of climate science, marine biology, oceanography, and prudent stewardship of fish and shellfish populations, in collaboration with scientists from Universidad del Desarrollo and with Fundación Mar de Chile.

Palfrey will also meet with 20 MBA students from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, along with Jeff Swiryn and Professor Ivan Cartes from Universidad del Bío Bío, who wanted to learn about the Recupera Chile model...

2019 Jun 18

"Las Puertas que faltan por abrir, haciendo lo invisible visible" Conferencia pública




Public conference led by Nieman Fellow, Verónica López, and local leader in gender equality, María Elena Wood, together with 5 Chilean female leaders in the fields of innovation, education, business, and entreprenuership. 

More details to follow.

For information about past Women's Conferences, click here.

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2019 Jan 07

Pre-Texts Workshop with Doris Sommer

Mon Jan 7 (All day) to Fri Jan 11 (All day)


Frutillar, Chile

For the second consecutive year, Doris Sommer (RLL) will lead the 2019 Global Leaders Program's 7th Module, "Cultural Agency: Engaged Asethetics Towards Social Innovation"  with a Pre-Texts workshop in Frutillar, Chile for 40 international cohort members; DRCLAS Advisory Committee Member Arturo Brillembourg will participate in the workshop throughout the week. 

Read more about this initiative: here...

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Andrónico Luksic

Grupo Luksic ha aportado US$12 millones para centros de Harvard, MIT y Columbia en Chile

December 7, 2018

Ayer anunciaron apertura de un centro de la Universidad de Tsinghua en el país y dicen que van por más. ¿El objetivo? Conectar talento, explican.

Primero fue Harvard en 2002, luego MIT en 2012 y Columbia en 2013. Las tres universidades de Estados Unidos, rankeadas entre las mejores del mundo - tercera, primera y dieciocho respectivamente según el ranking QS-, aterrizaron en Chile gracias a gestiones y aportes del clan Luksic. En total, la familia ha aportado US$ 12 millones para ello. Y ayer se anunció la apertura de un...

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