Confronting Challenges: Case Studies in Education

The Spanish version of the book Enfrentando Desafíos: Estudios de Casos para Directores de Escuelas (Confronting Challenges: Case Studies for School Principals), authored by Chilean school principals and edited by Katherine Merseth, Senior Lecturer at the Harvard School of Education, was launched in Chile in March 2015. Through fifteen real-life cases authored by principals, and accompanying teaching notes authored by Senior Lecturer Merseth, the book illustrates the complex situations encountered by leaders in Chilean public schools. With support from the Ministry of Education's Plan de Formación de Directores of the Centro de Perfeccionamiento, Experimentación e Investigaciones Pedagógicas (CPEIP), Senior Lecturer Merseth spearheaded and supervised the creation of the book, which aims to contribute to the formation of leaders in education through an active and innovative pedagogical method.

More than 500 professionals in education attended the book launches, which took place in the cities of Santiago, Viña del Mar and Temuco. Prior to the launching events, these leaders attended training workshops, imparted by Senior Lecturer Merseth, on effective ways to use book and the case study method, which have the potential of enlivening the education of school principals and other practitioners in multiple sectors of education. The creation of this book was made possible with support from the Ministry of Education’s, CONYCIT’s Harvard-Chile Innovation Initiative, and the DRCLAS Regional Office.

In March, 2016, faculty Katherine Merseth and James Honan, launched the English version of the book as part of the Gutman Library Distinguished Author Series at Harvard Graduate School of Education, with a panel including comments by Francisco Lagos´ , Ed.M.’14 and HGSE doctoral student about the Chilean education system. The book is a useful tool for faculty in education who teaches case study and for zone school leaders and directors training programs in the United States.

Click below to access the online versions of the books:
English versionConfronting Challenges: Case Studies for School Principals
Spanish version - Enfrentando Desafíos: Estudios de Casos para Directores de Escuela

Events related to this intitiative:
1. Book Launch of Spanish version in Chile 
2. Book Launch of English version in Cambridge, USA

Participating Harvard Faculty: Katherine Merseth, Senior Lecturer and Director of Teacher Education Programs, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Collaborators: Rodolfo Bonifaz Suárez, CPEIP; Juan Carlos Rozas, CPEIP
Collaborating Institutions: El Centro de Perfeccionamiento, Experimentación e Investigaciones Pedagógicas (CPEIP), Ministerio de Educación de Chile