Urbanism, Landscape, and City Resilience

  • Dichato reconstruction
  • Richard Forman
  • landscape conservation
  • Landscape as urbanism
  • Entrepeneurs Hostal

Latin America’s big urban conglomerates are spaces of contention. Highly modernized areas where employment and wealth abound stand in great contrast to shantytowns that lack basic infrastructure. The field of urbanism and landscape provides for opportunities to study different realities and assess necessities in order to enact structural change.

Outside of the Region's urban areas, there is a growing urgency to conserve the large landscapes so treasured by locals and visitors alike. The Regional Office continually supports opportunities which lead and innovate in environmental conservation in the Southern Cone. These efforts include representatives from the public, private, non-profit and academic sectors, as well as students, to discuss outstanding opportunities for the conservation finance community that works to fund projects that protect land and biodiversity across the hemisphere. You can read more about these initiatives in the Conservation Innovation tab. 

The DRCLAS Regional Office is supporting Harvard faculty in pioneering practices in urbanism, landscape urbanism, and disaster recovery to contribute to environmental, economic, political, and social-behavioral impact. The Office has worked with interdisciplinary projects such as Recupera ChileLandscape as Urbanism, and ELEMENTAL

In addition, several of the Regional Officie initiatives in Urbanism, Landscape, and City Resilience have been done in collaboration with the Cambridge-based Arts@DRCLAS Program. 

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Affiliated Faculty-led Projects
DRCLAS also supports Harvard faculty research, teaching, and professional activities relating to Latin America through its faculty grants program. Click here to learn more about current and past affiliated faculty-led projects in the Southern Cone and Andean countries served by the DRCLAS Regional Office.