An Intern's Journey: Fighting for Choice in Chile

I am now more than halfway through my internship researching abortion at el Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales at la Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile. I have been working with Lidia Casas, an expert on abortion at the university's law faculty, and also with Alejandra Ramm, a professor and sociologist at the Observatorio de Desigualdades. They have been amazing mentors – recommending books and guiding my research so that we can build the case for the legalization of las tres causales, which would allow abortion in cases of risk to the health or...

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Reconnecting with Chile

I would just like to take a moment to thank DRCLAS for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. After moving to the United States from Chile at age 6, my undocumented status made me believe that I would never see Chile again.

DRCLAS gave me the tremendous opportunity of reconnecting with my native country in the most beautiful way. After some investigation, I discovered the DRCLAS-U. Mayor Experiential Learning Program: Healthcare in Rural Settings, and I have never been more grateful. Not only did this program give me the chance to return to my native country...

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My path as an ambassador for the arts

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star”, said Friedrich Nietzsche and while chaos is a bit extreme and I wouldn’t exactly call myself a dancing star, this quote captures the uncertainty and self-discovery that has enriched my college career thus far and my latest stop on this journey: a member of a professional ballet/contemporary dance company.... Read more about My path as an ambassador for the arts

From Study Abroad Program Participant to Fulbright Scholar in Chile

In fall 2009, Harvard undergraduate Richard Coffin participated in the DRCLAS Study Abroad Program in Chile. Five years later, now as a Harvard alumnus, he returned to Santiago as a Fulbright Scholar. From March until November 2014, Coffin is part of a selective group of professionals conducting research in Chile through the prestigious Fulbright Program. His research project focuses on...

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Sociological Research in Chile

As an intern at the Institute for Social Science Research (which, I quickly learned, was affectionately called ICSO for short), my main task was to create a comprehensive report on the economic elite’s attitudes towards one of Chile’s most marginalized indigenous groups, the Mapuche.... Read more about Sociological Research in Chile

My First Experience in Latin America

As I look back to eight weeks ago, I imagine myself confidently striding through the chiquitito Dayton International Airport with an air of independence. However, as my flight to Santiago, Chile from Dayton was my first trip outside of the country, my completely unstamped passport, massive duffel bag, and I were surely doing something more like nervously plodding through the terminals.... Read more about My First Experience in Latin America

An Alternative Look at the Argentine Default

On the eve of Argentina’s eighth default, the HPR’s Ignacio Sabate published an article questioning whether history was repeating itself in Argentina. Sabate, like countless writers before him, observed that Argentina’s long history of financial troubles could be proof that the country still “has not learned its lesson.” This portrayal of Argentina appeals to our naïve belief in a just world. We can pretend that default and its consequences are a scourge reserved for countries that lack...

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Peru 2014: Memories always remembered, lessons never forgotten

Lima. Delicious food. People hustlin’ and bustlin’ 24/7. Criolla music. Immense cultural diversity. Host family. City life. Night Life. The Inca’s Machu Picchu. Endless exploring. Volunteer work. Independence. Adapting and assimilating. New friendships. New perspectives. New appreciations.

My summer of 2014 was the first time I ever experienced a long, out-of-the-country trip on my own. Through the Summer Internship Program (SIP)...

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