A Counterclockwise Summer

By Lauren Spohn, SIP 2017 (Harvard College '20)

“Do the toilets really flush counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere?” That was the first question my mom asked me when she picked me up from the airport after my summer abroad in Buenos Aires. I smiled and offered a quick reply, “It’s not just the toilets that run counterclockwise in Argentina.”... Read more about A Counterclockwise Summer

A Breath of Fresh Air: My First Experience in Buenos Aires

By Isabel Bernhard, SIP 2017 (Harvard College ‘20)

This past summer of 2017, I participated in the David Rockefeller Center’s Student Internship Program (“SIP”) in Argentina. I am a rising sophomore intending to study Social Studies and hoped to link my high school focus in Spanish with my current interest in Political Science. I was excited about SIP because among its opportunities, it offered the chance to intern in the municipal government of Buenos Aires for eight weeks. ... Read more about A Breath of Fresh Air: My First Experience in Buenos Aires

Aprovechá la Argentina

In Spring 2017, I participated in CASA Buenos Aires (well, Fall 2017, since Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere). I study History and Literature with a specialization in Latin America, so I am always looking for opportunities to go abroad.... Read more about Aprovechá la Argentina

An Alternative Look at the Argentine Default

On the eve of Argentina’s eighth default, the HPR’s Ignacio Sabate published an article questioning whether history was repeating itself in Argentina. Sabate, like countless writers before him, observed that Argentina’s long history of financial troubles could be proof that the country still “has not learned its lesson.” This portrayal of Argentina appeals to our naïve belief in a just world. We can pretend that default and its consequences are a scourge reserved for countries that lack...

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Summer of Service: The Argentine League for the Rights of Man

On my first day of work at the Liga Argentina por los Derechos del Hombre (The Argentine League for the Rights of Man), the oldest human rights organization in Argentina and maybe all of Latin America my mentor, Dr. Gerardo Etcheverry, mentioned to me that the term “human rights” does not appear in the organization’s title because the concept had yet to be invented.

The organization (colloquially known as “La Liga”) was founded in 1937 as a space to encourage free opposition to the government, and during periods of repressive government, most notably the military dictatorship of...

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