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A Second Semester Abroad

By Aidan Garrett, CASA Chile Spring 2019 (Brown University ’20)

After spending a semester abroad in Spain, I felt compelled to continue my abroad experience in Latin America, improving my Spanish and visiting South America for the first time. With nothing but positive memories from Granada, the decision to remain abroad was simple. Deciding between the CASA programs in Argentina and Chile, I ultimately settled on Santiago, eager to...

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4643 Vasco de Gama

By Miranda Zhen-Yao Van-Boswell, CASA Chile Spring 2019 (Brown University ’20)


Vivir en la ciudad de Santiago como estudiante de intercambio ha sido una experiencia inolvidable. Cabe decir que este rincón del mundo es infinitamente distinto a los lugares que había conocido. Quizás porque soy hija de...

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Voy & Vuelvo

By Chris Packs, CASA Chile Spring 2019 (Brown University ’20)


Arriving in Santiago one week before the start of the semester, I knew I would struggle to choose my classes. Although I was already familiar with...

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Surprising myself

By Jaia Clingham-David, CASA Chile Spring 2019 (Cornell University ’20)

Before the semester started, I had very few expectations about what my experience in Chile was going to be like. But Santiago turned out to be the perfect place for me to spend my semester. My friends and family normally considered me to be a city-person, preferring glass buildings and concrete sidewalks to hiking in the wooded mountains. Santiago gave me that city life that I enjoy as well as...

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The Images of Chile

By Isadora Nogueira , CASA Chile Spring 2019 (Barnard College ’20)

IsaEn Valle de la Luna, San Pedro de Atacama

When I first came to Chile, my answer for “¿y por qué Chile?” were platitudes about the...

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¿Qué hacen estos estudiantes de Harvard paseando por La Pincoya?

June 19, 2019

Alumnos de la prestigiosa institución pasarán 7 semanas en Santiago

Todos hablan español y, aparte de asistir a los centros de salud, toman clases en la Facultad de Medicina de la U. de Chile.

Un salto desde el tibio clima primaveral que disfruta hoy la ciudad de Cambdrige, Massachusetts, hasta el frío otoño de las calles de Huechuraba. Ese es el cambio que están viviendo 12 estudiantes de la Universidad de Harvard, quienes vienen de intercambio por casi dos meses a Santiago para observar in situ cómo funciona el sistema público de salud chileno.

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Harvard Students

De Harvard a La Pincoya

June 14, 2019

La comuna de Huechuraba fue seleccionada por la Universidad de Harvard, para que sus estudiantes conozcan la realidad de la Atención Primaria en Salud en Chile.

Un grupo de estudiantes de la prestigiosa Universidad de Harvard, Estados Unidos, visitan Huechuraba para conocer en los Centros de Salud Familiar de la comuna, el funcionamiento de la Atención Primaria, su enfoque preventivo y comunitario, así como las innovadoras medidas implementadas en los últimos 6 años.

Lo anterior, en el marco de una alianza estratégica entre la Municipalidad de Huechuraba y la...

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The Stories We Tell

By Matthew Kind, CASA Argentina Fall 2018 (Harvard University '20)

I believe every study abroad student has a, "smack you in your face, make a fool out of yourself, welcome to a new country, WHAAAMM" moment that lets you know you’re away from Harvard and in the real world. Mine came during my first week of class at the largest public university in South America, La Universidad de Buenos Aires Facultad de Derecho. My professor...

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Why Chile?

By Kelsey Carpenter, CASA Chile Fall 2018 (Cornell University '20)

When I first arrived in Chile, new faces frequently asked me, “Why did you pick Chile for study abroad?” Truth be told, I did not have a great answer to this inquiry. I did not want to go to Europe alongside the majority of my peers. An advisor recommended the country. I needed a program that supported my major. These answers satisfied the questioner, but they only left me further examining my own decision to study abroad in Chile. I thought that...

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