The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) established a Regional Office (RO) in Santiago, Chile, in 2002 becoming the first university-wide office outside the US to provide support for Harvard faculty and students. The purpose of the Regional Office in Santiago is to build capacity and collaborations by promoting a vibrant intellectual dialogue and synergetic initiatives between Harvard affiliates from all Schools and Centers around Harvard and Latin American partners. The Office specializes in the design, management, and co-funding of institutional projects and events that engage Harvard faculty and students in experiential learning and collaborative approaches to solve difficult problems in the Region, across many different fields. With guidance and support from the Harvard Faculty Committee and the RO Advisory Group and other regional partners, the office primarily serves the Southern Cone and Andean countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay.


The Regional Office (RO) exemplifies Harvard's Global Vision in the 21st Century: educating the citizens of the world; supporting Harvard professors and students to work in the broadest possible geographic contexts; disseminating new regional knowledge and innovative academic approaches in close collaboration with local institutions; and acting in the region as an intellectual lab convening point.  This successful vision of having a physical presence in Santiago has helped transform Harvard into a pioneering Global University, and our office has served as a model for the creation of  at least 20 international centers. 

History of the DRCLAS Regional Office

Supported by the DRCLAS Regional Office in Santiago, scientists and researchers have found inspiration in Chile for more than 15 years. For its 15th anniversary, the office published "Fifteen years of Harvard in Chile: Stories by Paula Molina." This eBook and audiovisual project showcases experiences of Harvard faculty and researchers in Chile over the office's 15 years of operations. Read more here. 

eBook 15 years